Antojai Soul Alchemy: Ignite Your Soul's Purpose and Embrace Sacred Cosmic Communication

Discover Your Soul Purpose & Unlock the Sacred Communication Of The Cosmos

Unlock the divine wisdom within

What's Inside Antojai Soul Alchemy?

  • Activate Your First 7 Chakras with Antojai Alchemy 
  • ​Find your Souls Fuel Force that will propel you into your Soul's purpose
  • ​Communicate with your higher self & the cosmos like real shamans do
  • ​Manifest Abundance, Freedom, Community, & Wealth
  • ​Connect with a deeper sense of well being
  • ​Access to Meditations that will help you biohack your reality
  • ​Quantum Leap in your manifestations with applied quantum science

What Is Antojai Shamanism?

Antojai Shamanism is one of the most comprehensive metaphysical practices that grants you the ability to bend reality and directly manipulate your DNA so that your manifestations take form faster than ever before.

Antojai incorporates ancient knowledge of mind, body and spirit while combining it with modern day quantum science to produce changes in your sacred geometry so that you can have a more intimate experience with your reality that no other program delivers.

With over 10 years of study in 150 countries, we have distilled the exact formula to connect you deeply to the sacred creator within you - so that you can finally start having the experience you have always craved for from your reality.


Your Antojai Soul Alchemy Modules Explained

Module 1: The Foundations of Antojai Shamanism

  • Discover the essence of Soul Alchemy and its transformative power
  • ​Unlock the secrets of energy work and embark on a tutorial for beginners
  • ​Dive into the fundamentals of BioHacking and harness its potential for personal transformation
  • ​Navigate the realms of Ascension symptoms and gain insights into your evolutionary journey

Module 2: Unlocking the Cosmic Secrets of Wealth

  • Find your Soul's Purpose with the Ancient science known as the Star of Lakshmi
  • Reprogram yourself with powerful BioHacking Meditations that allow your consciousness to expand into deeper psychic states; and tap into your ability to bend reality like real shamans do.
  • Refocus your life towards your best manifestations, harness the power of alignment and the law of attraction.

Module 3: Journey through the Chakras

  • Explore the energetic centers within you, starting from the Root Chakra and ascending to the Crown Chakra
  • ​Heal and harmonize each Chakra, unlocking their transformative potential and aligning them with your soul's purpose


Will this hurt me?

No, Antojai is specifically designed to never hurt another individual. There may be a little discomfort from time to time as Antojai does create a detox experience. This often time shows up as intense emotional release, abundant energy, and deep reflections that propel you to the next phase of your consciousness, 

How long does it take to see results?

This is unique to each person. The average is about 9 days of continuous daily practice to see a movement in your vortex. - But for some people it can be as fast as a few hours, and for others it can take up to a month. 

What brings the results faster?

Your openness to change is a leading factor. Those who take the time to listen to their intuition, are mindful of the numerology around them, and who keep a log such as a journal will usually see the fastest results. Antojai will help you shift your reality fastest if you develop a relationship with the technique we give you, and if you integrate the practices as a lifestyle instead of a practice.

Are there other resources available?

Yes! We have a team of skilled shamans available for 1:1 coaching, tarot and more. You can choose whoever you feel in alignment with to help you guide your next steps. We also have community and other affordable training available you wish to continue with Antojai Shamanism.

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